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Dan Holloway explains the Indie Publishing world… in a poem.

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A write-up of a truly wonderful event, IndieRecon, the Indie Author Fair, and the Indie fringe at London Book Fair will follow. Here, I will just say an enormous thank you to Orna Ross at the Alliance of Independent Authors who does such incredible work and despite the organisations expanding profile continues to let an obscure little poet take a place. And to the ridiculously talented and lovely Rohan Quine for letting me share a stage with him on the vital topic of literary fiction in self-publishing. For now, this is just the transcript of the poem I gave as people have been asking for the words.

I asked a simple question – why should self-publishing protect and promote the full range of diverse voices in writing?


Because every day a little girl, let’s call her Sarah,

Hears the world condensed into words

And falls in love with a…

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The Cosmic Carbon Cycle Cash Machine

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An entertaining little something from Lisa…

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“I say, Jeeves!” Prime Minister Cloney Tamarind shouted one morning during breakfast, spluttering Krave crumbs all over his recently-updated Facebook status. “What’s this filthy rumour that we’re not producing more carbon? How are we supposed to charge people for something we don’t actually deliver?”

“So what’s new, dear?” Mrs Tamarind muttered, sipping her Chai Red Bull. The word ‘charge’ causing her to make a mental note to replace the batteries in her bedside drawer, after yet another all-nighter with the PM away at his desk, playing Draw My Thing and Words With Infidels online.

“I don’t know, Sir,” said Jeeves dutifully, topping up the Worcester sauce bucket in the modest silver breakfast table cruet, with the ceremonial watering-can. “I’m only your Tesco’s delivery driver.”

And he left the receipt on the table, before being strong-armed out of No.10 by the children.

“Someone is spreading lies about there only…

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Mediocre Failures

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THe sort of school he is describing will never happen under the current curriculum system. IT’s the sort of school that requires governments to step back and let the teachers work out what the kids they teach need and the government can’t abide letting teachers show that they know what their kids need better than the all seeing, all knowing politicians. Sheesh.

I want to teach in that sort of school. I want to show a child how to make something in DT and see their face light up with pleasure as they realise that they are allowed to do that and that they can do it! I want to see the pride at the end of the project when they leave the workshop with a piece that they created and made with their own hands – rather than teaching specific projects that are prescribed by the curriculum and end up at the end of a project in a scraps box in my office.

It’s the current thinking that is killing education, making teachers hate their jobs and leaving kids bored and unhappy and wanting to get out of school any way they can.

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My children are adopted. They were adopted at the ages of three, four and six. As with nearly all children adopted in this country over the last couple of decades, this means that their early life experiences were pretty terrible. As each was born, their collective experience of life became more damaging, as their circumstances worsened. So the eldest is least affected as her first years were perhaps less difficult experiences, while the youngest is most affected, as her entire first two years of life were appalling. I’m not going to go into detail here about their specific early life experiences, but if you want to read up on the sort of effects which can result from serious neglect or abuse, then you could read this .

Why am I writing this ? Especially now after midnight in the middle of the Easter holidays ? It’s because I’m so angry I…

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