Free Stuff to Read.


Enter the Library of My Mind

In this section of my website, you’ll find stories and poetry that for one reason or another aren’t commercially viable – for example; I write Fan-fiction as a hobby, but would never consider selling those stories unless I had the copyright holder’s permission.

So these pieces are exploring various ideas and worlds that have occurred to me while writing other things or while reading my favourite authors / watching TV… or even in the Bath. Not every piece of work in this section is going to be child friendly and there may be some difficult subjects and situations explored.

I hope that you will enjoy it all!

Please note –

I have a serious aversion to giving my published work away for free unless I have a very good reason.  Sorry.

I have a family to look after and while my books don’t make anywhere near enough money to support us entirely, they do add a little something to the household bank account every so often. So I’d be a fool if I gave everything I wrote away for free.

However, because I know what it is like to not have a lot of money for luxuries like books and other entertainment, I can understand why people like to find free books etc. It doesn’t excuse piracy though – that very clearly is stealing, as is plagiarism (ie: passing off someone else’s work as your own) and I will take down the free section should this happen to any of my work.


 Confessions of an Unintentional Bartender


Fan Fiction

Doctor Who 


Short Stories







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