October Promotion!!!


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When in doubt… try again…

As I said in my last post, I’m in the doldrums a little over my work… so I decided to republish “The Tower and The Eye” series  with the last set of editions – and realised that “Nightbringer” had never actually been published by itself – just as the omnibus edition!

So all five individual books are now available on Kindle. I’ll eventually sort out print covers for them too, and republish the Omnibus ed. Audiobooks are a world that I am exploring currently so I’m working on those too…

If you’re interested in the kindle books, just click on the cover banner up there ^ and it’ll take you to my author page.

Another project that I am working on this year (as well as all the WIPs) is the illustration of “Author & Muse Stories”. I’m doing it for Inktober 2018 and will be posting the completed pages in my Fan Group on Facebook. I’m under no illusions about this – the stories themselves took seconds to write (they’re dialogue heavy, flash stories) but illustrating them will probably take a lot longer!

As a preview, here’s one that I attempted earlier in the year:

I’m not massively keen on this style of page or drawing. so it’s not the way the book is going to be exactly, but it gives you an idea of what I’m trying to do.

As far as the pieces of writing that I’ve been working on this year are concerned, I’ll be continuing “Curious World” for NaNoWriMo in November and trying to finish “Teacups & Time Travel” as well as “Curse of The Jade Cat“.

The latter story already has a cover, done by Author’s Assembler, but until I’ve finished the story and started on the edits, I’m not going to do a cover reveal. So keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Well, that’s it for now… see you later!








Picking myself up and dusting myself off… again.

Well, I think I’ll try again…

The Publishing world is tricky place to want to work…  I have no idea why I want to publish my work. If all I wanted to do was write, I’d post everything for free on here….

However, I want more than that and unfortunately that costs money – yes, I self publish the majority of my work, but when a cover for a single book can cost $150 upwards and editing even more, I get stuck into a negative loop that often goes:

A) Finish MS.
B) Find someone to Alpharead (as in reading it warts and all.)
C) Look for an Editor to fix any problems.
D) Can’t afford an Editor so put the MS on a backburner until I can.
E) Look for Cover Artist.
F) Find one and inquire about prices.
G) Can’t afford a CA, so put the whole project on a backburner.
H) Start new Project.
I) Repeat from (A).

It means that I have a few things on my HDD that haven’t yet seen the light of day and some that have been abandoned because I couldn’t find anyone that had time to read the first draft!

I need to fix this and I need the help of my Fans – wherever they are…. so I’ve changed my rewards. Now there is only one, $3 tier, but for those $3 you get a few things!

  • My Undying Adoration and a personal, handwritten Thank you note for becoming a Fan / Patron!
  • Access to Facebook Fan Page and all that entails – I’m the only Admin, so I will give you my personal attention…
  • Access to Patron only content via Blogsite – you’ll get a password to take you to a special page on my site with stories, poetry and other things…. including Offers and Giveaways!
  • Discount on Signed Print Books – When I launch a print book, I always offer a limited run of numbered, dedicated, signed copies. Patrons will recieve a 50% discount on the cost of this.
  • Surprise Rewards – these will come up as I think of them and will be limited in number. Keep an eye on my Patreon page / Blogsite for details.

I may add more tiers if I have to, but to be honest, I don’t want to cost my Fans too much money. I will probably add more Rewards or Tiers as time goes on, after all, I want to give value for money as well.

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to even visit my Profile on Patreon or on Facebook. It makes me feel like I am getting somewhere!