Win a FREE, SIGNED paperback copy of Carpet Diem!

One of my favourite new authors is holding a competition – I can personally attest to how wonderful his book is (I have it in both e-book and print) so why not have a go and get a signed book?

justin lee anderson

It seemed like a great idea.

You’ve probably heard this before, but reviews are really quite important to authors. How important is difficult to overstate.

Let me show you how important they are. On, I have 66 reviews at the time of writing. On, I have 19. The reviews on both sites are overwhelmingly good.

I’ve been running two adverts on Facebook, which are getting a lot of clicks through to Amazon. The US advert is getting consistently more clicks than the UK one. But guess where 99% of my sales are?

Yep, the UK site. Not only do reviews help readers decide to buy a book, they actually make Amazon behave differently. As I understand it, from people who’ve been at this a lot longer than me, Amazon’s algorithms kick in at two points – 25 reviews and 50. What that actually means, I don’t…

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