Terry Pratchett

I still can’t believe he’s gone. GNU STP

the hot buttered crumpet

Sir Terry Pratchett died in March 2015.

I wrote this sentence on this blog four months ago and stopped. It’s actually taken me that long to be able to continue typing  without feeling like it wasn’t right, or true. Terry was unique, to me and to countless millions of people around the world. He was an author who became part of my life. Not in a way where I could say, ‘oh yeah, Terry Pratchett, I really like his books, I’m a big fan’. No, it was more that that.

Terry’s writing actually seeps into your own life. Such a skilled craftsman was Terry that quotes and characters became an every day part of the way you see the world around you. In the same way that a comedy sketch show would result in you quoting catchphrases, you could attribute quotes and characters from his books to every day situations.

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