On KU Adjustments, Kerfuffles and an Impassioned Plea from a Respected Author

I don’t have anything in KU / Select. I never thought it was good business sense to be exclusive to one platform – and I paid for that with a lack of readers and sales.

This new development just underscores my feelings about Amazon. I love the place to buy things (books of all sorts included) but as an Author on there, I feel undervalued and unwanted…

Love's Last Refuge

facebookFace Book is a hotbed of information and opinion ops this fine morning (not fine for long, not with storms bearing down like a freight train).

kindle-unlimitedOne of the major kerfuffles has been over Amazon’s newest “initiative/adjustment” to how they compensate authors in the Kindle Unlimited subscription service.

Chuck Wendig had a good go at it today. The Passive Voice’s lawyer/blogger took a look at the payout structure, taking his cue from Hugh Howey (a known apologist for all things Zon).

Amazon’s own Help section that details the changes to the payout portion of the program is somewhat less than clear, employing what some folks term “mathemagics” and it leaves no stone unturned in the relentless quest for obfuscation.

bigstockphoto_hammer_striking_nail_w_sparks_333329We can argue and debate and gnash our collective dentures all we want, but there’s a personal side to these changes that one author, Samantha Holt, pinned… No, she nailed…

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