Brain Drain…



I am ready for Spring. For the warm sunshine and soft winds that Wales gives us (sometimes) at Oestra, for the birdsong and sharp daffodil scent on the breeze and the gentle clouds floating past above…
I find that this time of year drags considerably. It’s the bit between Spring Half Term and the Easter Holidays, when the weather gets Bipolar disorder and one minute is sweet and springlike, the next it’s more wintry than November at it’s worst…

That’s when writing comes in handy. It helps me escape the worst of the bad weather… unless I get blocked by something. And that’s what happened this time two years ago – I had the worst case of block that I’d ever had. I’d gone from WIP to WIP trying to find the way out of it. I was so brain drained that I didn’t think I would ever write again. I gave up trying and started creating in other ways.

Carnelian and silver spiral bracelet

Playing around with beads and things reawakened my writing muse… and the world warmed up at the same time.

At the moment, I don’t have any problems writing, but I really want to make some bracelets and things – however, it would appear that the Brain Drain has hit my Crafting Muse, because I can’t get the enthusiasm up to do it!

Ah well, swings and roundabouts…

Spring is coming. I just wish it would hurry up!


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