Spreading the word about this – Jerri Hines has had book stolen blatantly and AMAZON have done nothing about it. Let’s see if we can help her!


cryforfreedom (2)

AMAZON LINK FOR THE REAL BOOK:Winds of Betrayal Books 1 & 2: The Cry For Freedom and Embrace of Enemy

I’m hoping that by the time this is posted that the fake book is down on Amazon. A copy and link to the fake book is below. If it’s not, please go and report it…there are over 30 books this guy has stolen. Here is the fake cover…go there and he has taken the whole of my book.


If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I’m not flattered. This is my book…my cover…even my credits inside the book.

Indie authors have enough issues with pirate sites. This, though, is a step above the pirate sites. It is so brazen. This person hasn’t even attempted to conceal his plagiarism.

The question becomes why is this guy so blatant about his plagiarism. Then the question becomes how was this allowed to happen. What kind…

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3 thoughts on “THE CRY OF PLAGIARISM!

  1. Jerri D. Hines says:

    Thank you. I appreciate the support. This is so brazen and blatant. I couldn’t believe it when a reader messaged me on Facebook. Then when I saw it, I still can’t believe it.

  2. sjhigbee says:

    This really is shocking – as Jerri says, it’s so very blatent. When I clicked on the link, Amazon told me it had been taken down and I couldn’t get Jay Cute (what an icky name!) to come up. Let’s just hope that Amazon have taken it all down!

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