Taking Sides. Maybe. On Kindle Unlimited.

I’m still holding fire on this issue – I do not like the exclusivity thing and what worked for Nya may not work for me… essentially I am waiting until I have a few more books out there to take a risk with KU.

My sales have dropped into nothing in the past year – mostly because I haven’t had the energy to do more than just write for most of it (the baby is an energy vampire, I swear!) and once I’ve managed to get something else off my hard drive and into the world, I will look at the issue again…

A lot can change in a few months though.

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On the matter of Kindle Unlimited

downloadThere’s been a boatload of discussions around whether or not Kindle Unlimited (KU) is the Second Coming or the death knell for indies and publishing in general.

There are allegations that it is a two-tier system favoring the high rollers and leaving the rest of the pack in second-class-citizenship. Mark Coker of Smashwords decries the exclusivity requirement (KDP Select), and while nodding in admiration for Amazon’s “brilliance” he claims: “We should also recognize when Amazon’s business interests don’t align with author interests.”

Others dive into the royalties issue and see indies drawing the short straw.

Apparently Amazon has noted some of the harsher criticisms and might relax the exclusivity clause.

cliff-notes-funny-imageAs with every issue, there are more pros and cons than you can shake a stick at. I’d like to give you a taste of my experiences with Amazon and KU in particular…

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