Sinful Sunday Reads

Nya Rawlyns is a hard woman to impress… yet these books have managed it! That means they are well worth reading.

Be aware that the books she reviews are erotica/gay fiction in the main, although “The Collection of Heng Souk” is literary/historical fiction – but why not broaden your horizons and try something new?

Love's Last Refuge

books2If you’re like me, you are always in the hunt for something new and different. Usually when I’m writing, I don’t read in my genre (gay lit, transgressive, or western), but since I’ve wandered into some girl-on-girl action, I figured why not indulge, see what’s new on the to-review list.

And yowzers, did I ever hit paydirt!

41anqYYJfeLAs guest reviewer for GRR-Reviews, I dove into a paranormal gay rocking actioner that had me flicking pages and staying up all night.

Clipped by Devon McCormack

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Genre: mainstream gay: erotic, fantasy/paranormal, series

Review snippet: “The action is high, fast, cinematic and violent. The sex is aggressive, full of rage, potent, and sometimes disturbing—not so much acts of arousal as in-your-face displays of arrogance and power. It is revenge eroticism, dominance and submission without safe words, without foo-foo romanticism.”

It’s a guy book. And boy howdy, do I…

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