The Return of The Teigr Princess…

I thought I would show you what has been keeping me away from here recently…

2014-01-08 12.59.45-115796183

The very first picture of Princess Wriggles…

She was born, a week late, on 6th January 2014 – narrowly missing her aunt’s birthday and giving me a pretty traumatic birth experience in the process. Of course, she doesn’t look like this at the moment; she looks like this:

Sleeping peacefully...

Sleeping peacefully…

Princess Wriggles was a big baby when she was born and is continuing this trend, all the while being cute and snugly, as well as a bit of a diva. I’ve decided that she got the diva-ishness from her big sister, PT, who must have been teaching PW things while she was in the womb!

Talking of PT, she’s nine this year and I’m not sure where the time has gone to – it wasn’t that long ago when she looked like this:

PT as a baby...

PT as a baby…

I still see this in my head when I think about her, so it was a bit of a shock last Monday, when she announced “It’s my birthday next week. Can you make me Cake Pops to take into school for my class friends?”

Foolishly, I said yes. I spent some time researching just what on earth Cake Pops actually are and was reassured that they were relatively simple to make and quite fun to do in the process.

Oh, how wrong can you be?

This is what a Cake Pop is supposed to look like:

Proper Cake Pops

This is what my Cake Pops look like:

My Cake Pops...

My Cake Pops…

I… am… never… doing… that… EVER… again.


Icky, sticky, tricky and just plain difficult to handle! Of course, I had to do it the hard way – bake a cake first, crumble it up, mix it with vanilla buttercream frosting and use mikado as sticks… which kept breaking and the chocolate went everywhere, the decorations had a mind of their own and I just went crazy trying to get them to look right!

I finally managed to make 30 of them, so hopefully PT’s classmates won’t be too disappointed!

Anyway, there will be a new book out soon, so keep your eyes open for that – The Tower and The Eye, Book 4 – The Harp of Aleth – and I’m now trying to decide what to do after that; do I hurry up and finish the TTATE series or do I do something different? Who knows – it all comes down to the amount of time that PW gives me to do things!


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