VFX Protest : Ang Lee letter

VFX Artists are the gods that make fantasy films possible – I, as a writer of fantasy/science fiction/horror stories who would love to see her work come to life on the big screen, am supporting this protest.

Not only is my work possible fodder for the movie industry, my partner is a talented artist who wants to move into animation, so I am showing solidarity with all VFX Artists by changing my FB and Twitter Avatar to a green square – symbolic of the green/blue screen that is all that would be there if the VFX wasn’t.


VFX Soldier

Reposted with permission:

Dear Mr. Lee,

When asked about the bankruptcy of Rhythm + Hues, the visual effects house largely responsible for making your film “life of Pi” as incredible as it was, you said:

“I would like it to be cheaper and not a tough business [for VFX vendors]. It’s easy for me to say, but it’s very tough. It’s very hard for them to make money. The research and development is so expensive; that is a big burden for every house. They all have good times and hard times, and in the tough times, some may not [survive].”

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