The Silence

The Silence stretches in ever widening circles,

Like a ripple crossing a lake,

People stop, stand quiet and still,

Remembering those who died for our sake.


Red paper poppies bloom on a million chests,

Worn to remember a war long ago,

Worn to remember the deaths still keeping us free,

The names of the dead too many to know.


The silence makes you panic at first,

Wondering when it will end,

The ripple stops buses and cars in their tracks,

A message of Silence it sends.


The silence holds us in stasis so strong,

A nation united by war,

The separate people of the Kingdom at last,

Together in remembering who the silence is for.


War is a part of the human condition,

We fight for what we believe,

And as long as we remember those we have lost,

Their forgiveness is ours to receive.



© Mandy Ward, 14th Nov 2010 


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