>Self Publishing thoughts…


I’ve come to the conclusion that Self Publishing is difficult.
Yes, in today’s digital print market it’s very easy to publish yourself – You just sign up for Smashwords or Kindle Direct Publishing and they convert your word file into a digital one and off you go. 
The difficult bit is actually getting someone to buy your book from you.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t go into this with my eyes shut. I knew it was going to be tricky! For a start, people buying your book have to know it’s out there. That means promoting it in the right places… 
But you have to know where those places are!
Social Networking is an obvious one. 
Facebook, Myspace, Twitter are the ones that stick in everyone’s head and I’m on there.  Come and find me…
Anyway, I just thought I would wave my tiny author’s credentials over my head and went back to Myspace. I started a brand new profile blogged on there about my book, the webzine and this blog. I tweet about all sorts of stuff, yet I feel uncomfortable with the idea of promoting myself by constantly twittering about the single book I have published.
I don’t want to annoy people, I don’t want to upset anyone so they have a go at me and my work… yes that’s right, I have all the backbone of a jellyfish when it comes to promoting my work – it’s one of the reasons that never jumped into Self Pub before…
But here I am floundering around and wondering what on earth I do next…
Do me a favour please? Throw me a lifeline and blog about my book a little please? I’ll give a free PDF copy to anyone who wants to review it and give me a hand…
And if you’re a reader wondering about where you can buy a copy (possibly using that handy little code I provided a couple of blog posts ago), look no further. I have a page where all my published works will end up being displayed in all their sparkliness…
Enjoy! Now where’s that towel…

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